Control™ Contractor
Subwoofer Satellite System


Control™ Contractor Subwoofer Satellite System
The JBL CCS6000 System consist of four Control 23 speakers as satellites and one Control SB-2 subwoofer. The subwoofer reproduces low frequencies below 160Hz and the 2-way wide bandwidth satellite speakers handle mids and highs, resulting in rich full-range audiophile sound with even coverage.

  • Components:
    4 Satellite Speakers: Control 23 two-way full-range speakers, each with 3.5 in woofer and .5 in tweeter.
    1 Subwoofer: Control SB-2 with dual voice coil 250mm (10 in) transducer.
  • Wide spectrum frequency response 38Hz-22kHz.
  • Evenly covers up to 6000 sq. ft. at 85dB-SPL.
  • Invisibility mounting hardware included with Control 23 speakers.
  • Stereo inputs.
  • High-pass satellite filtering enhance clarity.
  • Satellite overload protection circuitry.

Frequency Range 38 Hz - 22 kHz (-10 dB)
System Sensitivity Control 23's : 86 dB (1 W, 1m) each speaker.
Control SB-2 : 100dB (1 W, 1m) each input
Crossover Network 12dB /oct Low Pass to subwoofer @ 160 Hz.
6 dB / oct High Pass to satellite @ 160 Hz.
12 dB / oct Low Pass to midrange driver satellite.
12 dB / oct High Pass tweeter in satellite.
Acoustic Filtering 6 dB / oct low-pass to subwoofer @ 80Hz, resulting in dual-slope low pass.
Drivers Control 23: 3.5 in midrange drivers with polypropylene cone, .5 in titanium coated horn-loaded tweeters (x4 speakers) Control SB-2: One 250mm (10 in.)
Enclosure Material Control 23: High impact polystyrene. Control SB-2: Particle board.
Environmental Control 23: Conforms to Mil Spec 810 for humidity, salt spray, temperature and UV. Control SB-2 Not outdoor capable
Included Accessories LF: 275 W (1100 W peak), 2 hrs Four Invisible assemblies and four 4mm x 80mm hex keys for installing Control 23's Note: Speaker wire and SB-2 installation bracket are not included.
Optional Accessories MTC-23C M Ceiling-mount adapters for Control 23 speakers MTC-SB2 W Wall/ corner installation bracket for Control SB-2 sub woofer.