JBL DrivePack®
JBL DrivePack® units incorporate Crown Audio's BCA (Balanced Current Amplification) Class I circuitry, with temperature-compensated modulation. Crown's state-of-the-art feedback circuitry enables lower noise and distortion specifications than any other high-power switching amplifier on the market, allowing JBL DrivePacks to set a new standard for low-noise and distortion performance in digital amplification. Three-channel units offer a full rated output power of at least 6,000W Peak, 3,000W Continuous. This is accomplished with a highly efficient passive cooling system using optimal heat spreading for overall cooler operation...without noisy, expensive cooling fans. When driven at the high levels often required for professional sound reinforcement, JBL DrivePacks can provide even higher fidelity than traditional analog amplifier circuitry.

Input Module Options
Each JBL DrivePack® is equipped with a modular input bay that can accept several different options. The full-featured DPDA (DrivePack Digital Audio) Input Module provides the sonic and performance advantages of BSS OmnidriveHD™ signal processing with FIR/IIR filters and LevelMax™ multi-stage limiting, plus AES/EBU digital audio input and analog audio backup capabilities. A built-in 100MB Ethernet switch enables remote control and monitoring functionality with Harman’s HiQnet® System Architect software. As a basic non-networked option, the simpler DPIP (Input) module features analog audio inputs and onboard dbx digital signal processing technology. The DPAN (Analog audio) input module and the DPCN (CobraNet™) digital audio input module support existing systems in the field, and also feature HiQnet network capabilities. Both include Crown’s user-accessible digital signal processing technology with precision bandpass limiting, pre-equalization filters and self-test functions. All modules are fully interchangeable to support retrofit capabilities and an upgrade path when desired by system owners. SeeDPDA Spec Sheet »

Sophisticated Control
A variety of control and monitoring options are available at your fingertips, integrated into Harman Pro’s HiQnet System Architect™ software. This provides complete software control of not only your JBL DrivePack-equipped loudspeakers, but also other HiQnet-compatible audio products in the system such as JBL’s VERTEC DP Series, or traditional VERTEC models powered with Crown I-Tech amplifiers. In these applications, VP Series and VERTEC systems are fully compatible to suit project-specific system design requirements.

Equipped with the most advanced network control capabilities of any loudspeaker system available, all JBL DrivePack-equipped loudspeaker systems utilize Harman Professional’s HiQnet flexible and intelligent networking protocol, providing the system operator with a complete configuration, control, and monitoring solution. HiQnet protocol provides remote access to loudspeaker preset files in the JBL DrivePack input modules, making system setup easy yet powerful, via an intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface.