VTX Laser Accessories
Precision Pattern Control

Precise VTX V25 vertical pattern control requires precise focus for optimum audience coverage and the VTX-LZ laser accessory provides a cost-effective installation tool to help streamline the setup process. Typically a single LZ is installed on the top enclosure of each VTX array to serve as a visual reference while setting the overall array site angle in accordance with JBL Line Array Calculator (LAC) predictions.

The VTX-LZ-K laser kit consists of two VTX-LZ laser units and one VTX-LZ-PS power supply unit and is suitable for the installation of a Front-of-House (FOH) Left/Right system (one VTX-LZ for the FOH Left array, one VTX-LZ for FOH Right array). For detailed array calibration and tuning, multiple lasers can be attached to a VTX array to represent circuit-level coverage and serve as a reference for measurement microphone placement. In this case, multiple lasers are mounted to the center enclosure of 3-cabinet circuits or the upper enclosures of 2-cabinet circuits.

Mounting Brackets to attach VTX Lasers to loudspeaker enclosures are available for these products:
  • VTX V25 (VTX-LZ-V25-MB)
  • VTX V20 (VTX-LZ-V20-MB)
  • VT4889 (VTX-LZ-89-MB)
  • VT4888 (VTX-LZ-8788-MB)
  • VT4887A (VTX-LZ-8788-MB)
Laser Accurate Setup.