Dual Dissimilar Radiators
Sculpt Consistent Coverage for
Every Seat in the House
JBL’s patent-pending Dual Dissimilar Radiators solve a fundamental problem in cinema sound: Each individual cinema speaker interacts differently with room geometry depending on its location, so to deliver an identical sonic experience in every seat, each speaker must radiate a distinct pattern. Compounding the issue, traditional transducers deliver more energy to the closest seats and less energy to the furthest, resulting in inconsistent volume.

Dual Dissimilar Radiator design combines two asymmetric high-frequency drivers with sophisticated DSP that manipulates acoustic interference between primary and secondary radiation patterns, to engineer seamless new coverage patterns that would be impossible with a single transducer. The result? The exact same sonic experience in every seat in the house—front to back, or side to side.

Provide Unprecedented Sonic Uniformity for the Cost of a Traditional System
Engineering Vertical Coverage for Modern Stadium Seating
Raked seating provides an ideal viewing experience, but introduces challenges for uniform sound coverage. Dual Dissimilar Radiator vertical coverage patterns are optimized for slanted stadium seating: Precisely tune your system in minutes, without physically angling drivers. And this improvement is not limited to screen channels; we’ve incorporated Dual Dissimilar Radiators in rear and side surrounds, for the truest reproduction of dialog, music and effects, anywhere in the house.

To learn more about this groundbreaking technology, download our white paper.