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Welcome to the
Software Support Area

Support files, updates and patches for JBL Professional software and electronic products may be downloaded below.  Check back often for the latest versions.

Ceiling System Design Software

  • Updated! CSC Ceiling Speaker Configurator Software v1.0.3 (1.6mb, zipped) - Now includes Control 47 Models!: Released 06/23/2008

    CSC is a general sales estimation and engineering tool for selecting ceiling speakers. This free utility program helps select the proper JBL ceiling speaker to use for various applications, based on desired music level (for music systems) or background noise level (for paging systems).

    Based on the floor area and ceiling height of the room, the Configurator automatically computes:

    • The 3 most economical loudspeaker models for that project.
    • The quantity of speakers required to cover the area and how far apart to space them.
    • How to tap them (for 70V/100V systems).
    • For systems using subwoofers, an included subwoofer utility tells how many subwoofers to use.

    Read More Complete Description and Operating Instructions here.

    System Requirements - For Windows computers. Requires DOTNET V1.1, which is included with most versions of Windows XP and Vista. If you need DOTNET V1.1, you will be informed. If you get this notification, DO NOT install from Microsoft (which can be a confusing process). Instead, click here (22 meg) to install both DOTNET V1.1 and CSC together.

    Installing -After downloading the program, open the compressed program folder and double-click on SETUP.EXE.

    On Start-Up - It is important to read the Operating Instructions at Help/Operating Instructions (or via the "Read More" Instruction link, above) before using the program.

  • Updated! Distributed System Design (DSD) v2.0.8 (617kB, zipped) - Now includes Control 47 Models!: Released 06/23/2008

    This free utility program calculates and displays the number of in-ceiling speakers needed to cover a room.

    Version 2.0 changes to a new underlying framework (Microsoft DOTNET V1.1), making operation more dependable despite periodic changes in Windows via Windows Updates, which would occasionally interfere with the previous version.

    Installing -- Unlike previous versions, DSD needs to be "installed" via an automatic installation process. To do so, double-click on SETUP.EXE.

    If you need to install the DOTNET V1.1 framework, you will be advised. If you get this notification, DO NOT install from Microsoft (which is often a confusing maze). Instead, click here (22 Meg) to install both DOTNET V1.1 and DSD together.

  • "NEW! * Distributed System Design Tutorial (545kB)"

PD Series

  • PD100 Calculator (493kb zipped). The PD100 Calculator is a sophisticated Engineering tool, allowing system designers to determine which PD100 cabinet is right for their application, how many to use, how to configure them, what DSP setting to set for each driver, and what the resulting coverage will be at any frequency (or band of frequencies) throughout the device's operational range.

EASE Acoustical Modeling Software

  • EASE Modeling Software Files for EASE 3.0, 4.0 and 4.1
    (Last Updated 9-24-08)
    Includes all products including VRX, New LSR Monitors, VerTec Version 2 DLL files and all PD5000 Series products.
    Includes New AE Compact Series Speakers.

Three-dimensional .DXF Drawing Files Miscellaneous
  • JBL Pro TSL File (1 kB):  A .TSL file for the LEAP (Loudspeaker Enclosure Analysis Program) by Linear X Systems with data for some of our current low frequency transducers.

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