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Introducing EVO. A unique blend of maximum performance, minimum stress and total reliability
The Intelligent Era. Utilizing JBL's Distributed Intelligence™ process, EVO is the first and only loudspeaker system fully capable of adapting itself to its environment. It is actually self-aware. What does this mean? EVO adjusts its frequency response to compensate for the effect of its own environment and sets its own delay with knowledge of where its partner speakers are located. What's more, EVO intuitively recognizes how hard it's being driven and how hot the transducer coils are getting. It then adjusts discrete transducer levels accordingly and compensates for power compression to keep your audio consistent.

EVO's intelligence discerns program signal from feedback. It finds feedback and eliminates it. It monitors its own operation and reports its condition.

The result: EVO sounds its best no matter how hard it is working.

What is Distributed Intelligence™?
JBL's Distributed Intelligence is fundamentally the utilization of sophisticated technology, operating transparently, that makes highly complex systems very simple. The de-centralized design architecture distributes the processing power to each EVOi.324 Intelligent Speaker, reducing the required communication and data transmission to the point where no specialized network data cabling is required.

All data communication is via the XLR audio cable. A central hub, EVOi.net, coordinates functions and serves as an end-user interface. Each EVOi.324 Intelligent Speaker performs its own optimization for its own unique environment. Performance can be dynamically and simply re-configured with the press of a button. Distributed Intelligence addresses many of the key challenges faced by the installer and the operator of sound reinforcement systems.

Who is a designed sound system intended for?
Worship Spaces
Educational Facilities Performance Venues
The requirement of any sound reinforcement system is to reproduce sound and distribute it accurately and reliably over a desired area. The sound reinforcement system should be pleasant to your audience's ears and aesthetically match the decor of your environment.

EVO's design has been optimized for mid-size mid-size Churches, Schools and Live Performing Arts Theaters. Its Automated Set-up means quick reliable installation with less disruption and interruption to your service, teaching or performance schedule.

Automated Anti Feedback Control assists novice performers or complex stage productions. System Self-Diagnostics allow easy service and maintenance, with no lengthy down time. Aesthetically EVO has been designed to blend into your existing architecture. Its design is as transparent as you need it to be. EVOi.324 speakers are available in white or black, or you can paint them any color you want.