8100 Series

High-fidelity performance at a cost-effective price point, the 8100 Series is an easy to install loudspeaker solution for a wide variety of commercial sound applications. With two models in the line, the 8124, a 4-inch (100 mm) full-range loudspeaker and the 8128, an 8-inch (200 mm) full-range loudspeaker, the 8100 Series feature high sensitivity drivers that deliver maximum sound levels using minimal amplifier power. With its contemporary grill design, 70V/100V taps and open-back design, the 8100 series brings elegance and performance to basic commercial sound systems, or any application not requiring a backcan for installation.
4-inch, Full-range,
In-Ceiling Loudspeaker
4 in (100 mm), Full-range Driver
Frequency Range
60 Hz – 18 kHz
93 dB (1 kHz – 8 kHz), 1W, 1M
8-inch, Full-range,
In-Ceiling Loudspeaker
8 in (200 mm), Full-range Driver
Frequency Range
50 Hz – 16 kHz
97 dB (1 kHz – 8 kHz), 1W, 1M
8" (200 mm) Full-Range In-Ceiling
Loudspeaker for use with
Pre-Install Backcans
200 mm (8 in) Full-Range, Dual-cone
Frequency Range (-10 dB)
95 Hz – 18 kHz
Coverage (2 kHz)
90° conical
In-Ceiling Backcan
Internal Volume
7.4 liters (0.26 cu ft)
22 mm (0.87 in) diameter opening
Five (5) locations
4 on side of can
1 on top of panel of can
Pre-Install In-Ceiling
Tile Bridge for
Pre-Install Backbox
19 gauge (1.0 mm thickness) steel, finished in black polymer e-coating for a high level of rust resistance.
Attachment Points
4 clip-nuts (ie, speed-clips, tinnerman clips) fit 4 mm tapping screws attaching speaker to tile bridge.
4 thru-holes on 286 mm (11.25 in) mounting circle for attaching tile bridge
to backcan