Recording Studio Installations
When the mix has to be perfect, the pros turn to JBL Professional.

Selected Examples:

Ascent Media Management Services
Burbank, CA
Lotus Post
Santa Monica, CA
Sunrise Pictures
Middletown, CT
Full Sail Recording University
Orlando, FL
Nathaniel Kunkel Studio Without Walls
Los Angeles, CA
Sweetwater Digital Productions
Van Nuys, CA
Hyperion Sound
Glendale, CA
The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
Santa Monica, CA
Technicolor Sound
Los Angeles, CA
Image Resources Post Production
Encino, CA
Recording Plant Remote Recording
Santa Monica, CA
Terra Vista Media
Long Beach, CA
Le Mobile
San Diego, CA
Paul Sandweiss Sound Design Inc
Hollywood, CA
Los Angeles Recording School
Los Angeles, CA
Soularity Sound
Austin, TX
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