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Patented CMCD Cone Midrange Compression Driver
Throughout the history of professional audio it has been realized there are distinct performance advantages to compression and horn-loading a midrange transducer. The advantages include increased sensitivity and bandwidth, desirable pattern control, and arrayability - all provided by horn-loading. Other advantages include reduced harmonic and inter- modulation distortion, and increased maximum SPL.

High-Linearity Mid-range Cone Transducer
CMCD models include the CMCD-81J, CMCD-81H, and the CMCD-61H. Each CMCD assembly incorporates a JBL cone midrange driver, a 3 slot annular-ring phasing plug, and a thermally conductive rear chamber. An optimal 4-inch exit-diameter and a correct exponential expansion provide excellent coupling to the entire family of Progressive TransitionTM midrange wave guides.