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All audio products have a useful life, and JBL engineers are committed to making that as long as possible, not only in terms of reliability, but also in terms of how good the sound is the very first time a system is turned on. Every JBL Professional product undergoes stringent testing above and beyond what the product would face when deployed in the real world. To ensure longevity, our 100 Hour Torture Test is unlike any other testing procedure in the industry, so that audio professional know they can rely on JBL components in mission critical applications - in all applications. To ensure the quality of the sound in real-world acoustical spaces, JBL's LSR Linear Spatial Reference Technology measures systems in a 360 degree field around the loudspeaker, enabling the entire system to be engineered for consistent response of all direct and reflected sound at the listening position. JBL also has multiple application specific anechoic testing chambers, and has developed the only known 'Speaker Shuffler' that allows rapid and precise re-positioning of speaker systems in the exact same space for truly accurate A/B testing. This rigorous, uncompromising adherence to testing results in continuous breakthroughs in performance and ensures that JBL users worldwide can always work with confidence.