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Crossfired Waveguide Technology (CWT)
Even response throughout
the frequency spectrum.
Crossfired Waveguide Technology delivers evenly dispersed sound across a wide coverage area without the interference and uneven sound fields produced by the typical approach of two speaker systems firing at cross angles. The dual function CWT Waveguide is loaded with two compression drivers mounted to create a seamless, 160 degree, full bandwidth coverage pattern. Its small footprint provides dramatically improved performance in about one third the space with reduced cabinets, cabling, mounting hardware, setup time, and overall cost.

Wide Coverage Waveguide
The CWT Waveguide features a wide coverage pattern designed to provide seamless horizontal coverage across a full 160°. Based on JBL patented technology, the CWT Waveguide is essentially split in half and loaded with two compression drivers facing in different directions. The waveguide delivers wide angle coverage in a single enclosure, exhibiting no interference, and providing remarkable off-axis response. By eliminating multiple sets of speakers that interfere with each other, the overall fidelity of the system is greatly improved, intelligibility is increased, and a more pleasant listening experience is provided for the audience.